Wedding Week: The Paper Trail

It’s Wedding Week here at Lauria Land.  My first wedding anniversary is this weekend so I’m sharing the details of our wedding.  Yesterday I shared first wedding anniversary gifts, and today I’m going to share our paper products.  You know, Save The Date, Invites, Menu, etc.

Before I start sharing, I should mention that almost everything was a total DIY project.  It helped to keep costs down, and it was also fun to do!  So here we go…

I’m going to start from the beginning with our Save The Dates.  It was super simple to do.  I bought textured postcard paper from Staples, and used this template to create our Save The Dates.  We sent them in these envelopes in blossom from The Paper Source.  The picture was from our first beach day in Atlantic City.  The Save The Dates sort of set the tone for our wedding.  A simple affair with a touch of vintage details.

Slide1Since I was pleased with the Paper Source, I continued to use them throughout the rest of our paper products.  With our invitations, we used this for the actual invitation in superfine white, this for the response and reception cards also in superfine white, and this for the enclosure in sage, which was discontinued.  I also used this envelope and this envelope in the same color as the Save the Date envelopes, blossom.  I used this invitation as my inspiration and set out to look for fonts I liked.  The scrolls at the top and bottom of the invitation is called Nymphette, the script is called Centeria Script, and the print is called Mona Lisa Solid.  The great thing about the Paper Source is that they give you directions on how to print on their paper right on their website, so it wasn’t difficult at all to do.  Even the envelopes were easy to print on.


Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.01.02 PM

The menu cards were really easy to do as well.  On Microsoft Word, I made two text boxes and typed out my menu using the same font as my invitation.  I then searched for a skeleton key graphic, saved it to my desktop, and inserted into the menu.  To make it fade into the background, I formatted the picture by changing the transparency and setting it behind the text.  Then I printed them on ivory card stock paper from Staples, and used a paper cutter to cut them out.


My table numbers were really fun to do.  I had extra invitation paper, postcard paper from the Save The Dates, and fabric from our escort card frame (I’ll talk about the frame in another post), so this project was F-R-E-E free!! I glued the fabric onto the invitation paper, printed the numbers on the postcards in Centeria Script, and used a punch to punch around the borders.


Using the same card stock paper as the menu, I made tags as our escort cards.  I borrowed my friend’s Cricut and cut out these adorable tags.  I also purchased little skeleton key charms and tied them to the tag so they look like vintage key tags.  These were difficult to print on so I just hand wrote them.


I made a Mr & Mrs banner for our sweetheart table, but somehow our photographer didn’t capture it that well.  You can get a little glimpse of it from a bouquet toss picture.  I actually have it hanging on our headboard.  I bought cardboard banners from the Paper Source, but I guess its discontinued and I couldn’t find it online.  I used the same fabric from the escort card frame, and black scrapbook paper.  I used my friend’s Cricut again to cut out the letters, used spray adhesive the attach the fabric to the cardboard, and glue dots to attach the letters to the banner.  Then I used a coordinating ribbon to weave it through.


My guest book was really fun.  I bought a hardcover sketchbook from Michael’s, used the same fabric again, and covered the book with spray adhesive.  Since I had a photo booth, my guests used their extra pictures to put in the guest book and wrote a message for us.  They had a lot of fun with it, especially with the props, which I got at the Paper Source.  I also made a photo booth sign so guests knew what to do.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 5.21.09 PM

The only thing that wasn’t a DIY project were the thank you cards.  I think at that point I was tired and just went with these from Wedding Paper Divas.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 5.13.49 PM

My original idea was to use this thank you frame I made with a $1 frame, the same fabric, scrapbook paper, and my friend’s Cricut.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut when selecting a thank you card, but it was still fun to take these pictures.



Well, that was our wedding from the paper’s point of view.  I started making these early enough that I wasn’t rushed or flustered, so it was fun.  Not everyone agrees, but that’s ok.  Next up, details and other DIY projects.


Wedding Week: First Anniversary Gifts {Paper}

This weekend is hubs and I’s first wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, I thought I would write a few wedding related posts for you.  You know, share some details and DIY projects.  I’m kicking off the week with anniversary gifts.  The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, and the modern first anniversary gift is clocks.  Clocks are pretty self explanatory, so I’m going to share some of my favorite paper gifts.


Art prints

There are plenty of art prints you can gift to your honey.  Wedding bouquet, first dance, first home, etc.  I’ve been eyeing this gift for quite some time.  I even emailed it to Hubs with pictures to send to the seller so it would be really easy for him.  Hubs is the type of guy where you literally have to tell him or show him exactly what you want or else he gets flustered.  So I just show him what I want, I’m happy, we win. 🙂


Tickets is an easy go to gift for Hubs.  Baseball games, football games, concerts, comedy shows, he loves them all.  For our first anniversary I gifted him with tickets to the Mets opening game.  You can even get plane tickets to a favorite destination {think second honeymoon}.


Although I love reading from my Kindle, sometimes I just want to read from an actual book.  Hubs is a writer, so I sometimes gift him with journals and notebooks for Christmas or birthdays.


I love receiving a hand written note.  Brings me back to the days before technology controlled our lives.  A little note sends the message that you are actually thinking about the person, even if it’s just a thank you note.

Other Gift Ideas

Photo books, personalized calendar, magazine subscription, poster, scratch off tickets, home made coupons.  These are all great options for gifts for your first anniversary.

I’m excited to share some other details of our wedding with you guys this week.  I don’t have a specific plan, just whatever comes to mind.  You know, DIY projects, paper details, flowers, attire, etc.  Yay!

Note: These are not affiliate links, just ideas and products that I love.

DIY Monogrammed Rosette Pillow

As I mentioned in Friday’s post on my bridal shower gift basket, I made a monogrammed rosette pillow for my girlfriend Katie.  Here is the bride to be, right after her surprise.


The pillow was actually pretty easy to make.  Confession: I didn’t actually make the pillow, I just bought a solid colored pillow.  Since I didn’t really know what color scheme Katie was going for, I made the rosettes in pretty neutral colors.  So first I grabbed about 5 different fabrics from JoAnn’s.  About a quarter yard of each.  The tulle was the only one I purchased half a yard.  From each quarter yard, I cut 4 strips, about 2 inches wide.  Two of the strips I cut in half so I would have different sized rosettes.  All together I had about 6 strips of each fabric.


To actually make the rosettes, I used a combination of this tutorial  and this tutorial.  Here are a couple of completed rosettes.


There isn’t a specific number of rosettes to make, I just made enough to cover my letter.  Next, I made a stencil of the letter I was using, in this case B.  On Word, I typed the letter B and chose the font I wanted to use.  I enlarged the font as big as it could fit the page and printed it on regular computer paper.  I cut it out and traced it on a piece of felt.  {this is where I include a picture of the traced monogram onto the felt, but I forgot to take a pic… bad blogger)

I then just covered the traced letter, eyeballing it, moving some rosettes around so the colors were even distributed and the sizes fit.  It’s basically like doing a puzzle, finding the right pieces to fit.  Once I was happy with my arrangement, I made things permanent with a hot glue gun.


Before attaching the monogram to the pillow, I cut off the excess felt as close to the rosettes as possible.


Finally, I centered the monogram onto the pillow and used tacky glue to adhere it to the pillow.  You could also run a stitch if you feel the glue won’t stay.  You’re done!


My options were limited when it comes to styling, so I just put it on the bench in the kitchen to take a few pictures.



Weekly Manicure

Happy Tuesday!  I got a relaxing manicure over the weekend and I wanted to share it:


The main color is OPI’s Suzi and the Lifeguard, which is a light shimmery pink.  The accent color, which I LOVE, is OPI’s DS Reserve.  It’s a super sparkly pink and it gets me excited for Spring, if it will ever get here.

weekly mani1


I’ve been trying to find inspiration on Pinterest for different manicures so I’ll keep sharing anything new.  Maybe even show you my inspiration picture.