About Me

Hi Everyone!  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!  I’m here to share what’s been happening at Lauria Land.  It could be anything from a simple craft project to a major organization project. 

My day job is a special education teacher.  I absolutely LOVE what I do and I love my kiddos. They make me laugh every single day and I couldn’t ask for any other career.  I also work part-time with two young boys that I consider my sons.  I’ve watched them grow up and learn and experience life from a different perspective.  They have taught me lots and lots…and lots of patience and they mean the world to me.

Not that long ago, I married the most amazing person I could ever find.  He is my everything and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

We currently live in a small one and a half bedroom apartment.  I call it one and a half because the second “bedroom” couldn’t fit a bed and dresser at the same time – no kidding.  We use it as a small office/catch all room.  Although we absolutely love our apartment, we are in the process of purging and organizing so we can move into my in-laws’ tiny basement apartment.  Our goal is to purchase a home that could use a little TLC and fix it up to our style.

I consider myself a creative person, an organized person, and a person that loves all things vintage…and owls. For whatever reason I find it hard to remember memories as a child and teenager.  I want to change that.  I can’t go through life not remembering what and/or who made me the person I am today.  This blog is a way to preserve my memories as I start my life as a wife, and as an outlet for me to craft, and create projects for myself. Hopefully I can inspire you as I have been inspired to start this blog.


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