I break for…

Yard sales and estate sales and flea markets.  It’s terrible.  I should get a magnet for my car so people behind me are prepared to stop short if there is a yard sale around.  I was on craigslist the other day and found a few ads that were worth while.

I was at the first estate sale at 8am (on a Saturday – my day off) waiting to walk in.  I knew exactly what I wanted – a console that can serve as my new tv stand and a dresser to use for added storage when we move to my in-law’s apartment.  The dresser had sold the day before.  The console, on the other hand, was still there.  Yes!  Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead of time and didn’t have a way to take the console home.  Ugh.  So I didn’t take it home 😦  Oh well, live and learn.  I didn’t leave empty handed, though.  I picked up a coat tree that was in the foyer for $10.  I was trying to haggle with the seller, but she wasn’t budging.  I loved it though so I went for it.  The bad blogger in me didn’t take a picture of it, but it looks similar to this one:

Image found here

It’s sitting in my future living room.  I can’t wait to actually show you how it looks like and put it to use.

My next stop was at another estate sale.  It was a really weird house with lots of strange decor that didn’t fit with the era of the house.  I picked up two medium sized baskets for $1 each.



Historic Richmondtown had their annual flea market so I wanted to check them out too.  I had to park the car a few blocks away since it was later in the day.  While trying to find a place to park I found another yard sale.  I found parking and of course I had to check it out.  The owners were a very nice elderly couple who were actually native Staten Islanders.  There aren’t that many here anymore.  My mother in law was with me (also a native Staten Islander) so they chatted about the old life.  There used to be lots of farms apparently.  I found this beauty that I had to have:


The name on the pot says it all.  It’s an electric hot pot which would be perfect when I want a cup of tea without putting on a big kettle.  It even came with the original box!  Hopefully it works.  Fingers crossed!
The Richmond town flea market was a little bare.  Not too many tables and vendors like the previous years.  There were a few tables with antique furniture, but way out of my price range.  I did find a great door knob for $5 that I have big plans for.

The glass knob is a very pale pink.  I absolutely love it.  Like I said, I’ve got big plans (hint: bathroom) and have to look for a few more.

All in all, a nice little Saturday spent flea marketing and estate saleing (or estating?)  Is there a word describing the action of going to flea markets and estate sales?


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