Storage Unit Organization: Part One

So I’ve mentioned before that we were moving into my in law’s basement apartment.  That’s a one bedroom, living room, itty bitty bathroom, no kitchen set up.  Yay.  We are currently living in a two bedroom with a normal sized apartment bathroom and a kitchen. That means a lot of our stuff has to get evaluated.  Take with us, bring to storage unit, throw out, or future yard sale bring to storage unit.  Before we can even do that, the storage unit has to be cleaned out and organized.  This is what I’m working with.




That looks like fun right?  The first step was to clear out as much as a I can and assess the situation.

What I left in there was the original book shelf I had, boxes of heavy books that I didn’t feel like moving yet, hubs’ two storage bins containing who knows what, and the new shelving unit that I would be building.  Which is also step two.  I picked this up from Target on sale.

From here
Ideally, it was really easy to put together.  If there were two people building it.  I was by myself so it took a little longer than expected.  I also put it together inside the storage unit so I wouldn’t have to drag it around.

Nice and big ready to be filled up.  The great thing is that the shelves aren’t permanent, I was able to customize the height of each shelf depending on what I was putting in there.  

Step three was to go through EVERY. SINGLE. bin or box and decide what stays, what goes to yard sales, and what is trash.

Imagine that picture, times two.  Some how my camera didn’t capture my second pile and it deleted.  Two hours later, this was my trash pile:

A bunch of old notebooks and binders from my college and grad school days.  I kept the textbooks, maybe I can sell a few.  This is my yard sale pile:

The funny this is after I took this pic I decided that the Christmas tree in the big red bag was not worth saving and I threw it in the trash.  I kept the big red bag though.  Four bins of seasonal decor items, two boxes of outdoor pitcher and cup sets (both gifts – I guess people thought I had a yard to entertain people in), and a desk (not pictured, already inside the unit).  Finally I put all my keep stuff back in and organized to use every possible space like a puzzle.

In the black garbage bags are our suitcases and my flea market cart.  It gets really dusty in there so I wanted to add some layer of protection to them.  Again, after I took this picture I moved things around.  The job is never done.  I also put the yard sale bins back into the unit.  Another close up of the organized shelves:


There’s still lots of room to put all of my spare room stuff in.  I should probably separate long term storage with seasonal storage and future yard sale storage.  Part 2 includes purchasing at least two more shelving units and moving yard sale items into cardboard boxes and long term storage into plastic bins.  I’ve got a spare room and a kitchen to store in here – including a another bookshelf, a table, 4 chairs, and a kitchen cart.  Oh boy.  

Anyone else organizing a storage unit?  Bueller?  


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