Lots of To Do’s…

I know I promised that I would post a to do list.  Well, ti’s high time I write it down, hopefully it will keep my motivation going. I thought it would be best to list by room, might be easier to keep track.  Here it goes:

Storage Unit
* purchase and build two more storage shelves from here
* transfer yard sale items from plastic bins to cardboard boxes
* make room for long term storage
* separate seasonal items and long term storage
* use plastic bins for long term storage

Living Room
* take down decor items (frames, arts, owls, etc)
* pack decor items for storage
* go through items in TV cabinet (trash, keep, yard sale)
* purchase this item for new TV stand 
* go through DVDs and organize and condense (I found my inspiration here, but originally from here)
* not decided yet whether to store our board games or bring with us
* use tall bookcase as possible new linen closet?
* buy bins for possible new linen closet?
Spare Room
* purchase this item to use as storage for new apartment
* go through books (storage, keep)
* go through craft materials (storage, keep)
* go through gift wrapping station, store in new dresser 
* pack future projects items
* go through over night bags (keep, yard sale)
* go through and shred unneeded paper work
* go through file cabinet (shred, keep, organize)
* take down and pack decor items
* make sure hubs goes through his clothes and separate donate pile
* clean out book shelf, bring to storage, use it to store items
* go through each cabinet, decide what stays and what goes to storage
* pack storage items
* take apart table bring to storage along with chairs
* bring kitchen cart to storage
* take down decor items, pack up for storage
* roll up carpet and tape up, bring to storage
* take down decor items, pack and bring to storage
* finish organizing clothes to bring to new apartment
* take down head board, pack and bring to storage
* take down decor, bring to storage
* pack items bring to new apartment
Linen Closet
*go through items (keep, trash, yard sale)
* pack keep items for new apartment
* figure out how to store items in new apartment
Whew. Hopefully that’s everything.  If I think of anything else I’ll update the list.  I didn’t even mention all of the little craft projects I had in mind (preserve my wedding dress, make over my coffee table, a memory box).  Let’s see what I can get accomplished in the next month and a half or so.  
Who else has what seems like a never ending to do list?  Am I still talking to myself?

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