Spare Room Clean Up: Here’s The Plan Stan

So I’m still cleaning up and organizing my spare room for the big move.  I already cleaned out the unnecessary paperwork.  Now I want to share my plan for the rest.  I’ve got one wall with some wasted storage space:

I know it’s a terrible pic.  I’m getting dizzy myself looking at it.
There’s more wall next to the tiny bookshelf that’s not being used to its full potential.  Mostly everything in the bookshelf, and the bookshelf itself is going to storage.  After some careful thought and consideration, I decided that the best way to maximize this space is to purchase a wide dresser, no more than 61 inches wide, and I also want to keep costs down.  This is my best option:
The width and depth of this dresser is perfect.  I like that it’s unfinished because I can finish it how I want.  I was thinking a stain/paint combo with prettier knobs.  I also love that it has legs and off the floor.  The fun part is filling up the drawers.  This is what’s going in there:


The first picture is my gift wrapping station.  At one point it was extremely organized and pretty, but over the years it got ugly.  Boo.  So I want to go through all that stuff and somehow fit everything in two drawers.  The bottom picture are all storage boxes of my crafting stuff.  Again, I would love to fit everything in two drawers.  Let me rephrase that: Everything will fit in two drawers.  Whatever doesn’t fit will go into storage.  
The remaining two drawers will be dedicated to linen closet stuff.  Maybe my sheets, maybe my towels, maybe both, I’m not sure yet.  It all depends on what I’m keeping and what I can fit in another shelving unit I have in the living room.  We’ll see on moving day how it all ends up.  First things first, go to IKEA and actually purchase the dresser.
This is a nice dent on the old to do list:

Spare Room
* purchase this item to use as storage for new apartment
* go through books (storage, keep)
* go through craft materials (storage, keep)
* go through gift wrapping station, store in new dresser
* pack future projects items
* go through over night bags (keep, yard sale)
* go through and shred unneeded paper work
* go through file cabinet (shred, keep, organize) still have a pile to go through
* take down and pack decor items
* make sure hubs goes through his clothes and separate donate pile
* clean out book shelf, bring to storage, use it to store items
Anyone else using a dresser as a spare room storage furniture?  Or using a piece of furniture that’s intended for a specific use in a creative way?

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