Storage Unit Organization: Part 2

So I’m back with an update on my storage unit that I’ve been trying to organize and prepare for a big move.  Last time I was here, I put in a shelving unit and separated yard sale items and keep items. This time, I want to better organize my items.  All of my yard sale items are in plastic bins and my long term storage items are in cardboard boxes.  That didn’t make much sense to me, since plastic bins better protect items than cardboard boxes.  This is where I left off with:

The four bins on the left are my yard sale items.  I brought in some left over boxes from work, hopefully it all fits in there.
It did and then some.  I even have a box left over for the yard sale stuff I have in the apartment.  Once I did all that, I better separated long term storage, seasonal storage, and yard sale storage.  All of my long term storage I will put in the back of the unit, since I won’t going back there too often.  Seasonal storage items and suitcases will be placed up front for easy access, and yard sale items will go somewhere in between.  Here’s how it looks now:


Long term storage



Some seasonal storage, not permanent

Seasonal storage

I know it doesn’t look all that organized, but I still need to purchase more shelving units.  I’m thinking I’ll need about two more.  Hopefully this weekend I can get to Target to purchase them.  I’m getting there!  I want to start packing things up at the apartment and storing them.  As for now, I can cross off some things from the to do list:

Storage Unit
* purchase and build two more storage shelves from here
* transfer yard sale items from plastic bins to cardboard boxes
* make room for long term storage
* separate seasonal items and long term storage
* use plastic bins for long term storage

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