Instagram Friday: Jumbotron

Happy Friday!! What a crazy week it’s been here.  Anywho, this week’s Instagram Friday pic is on of my favorites to date:

Hubs and I were at a Mets game in April.  Not realizing it when I bought the tickets, it was Autism Awareness Day at the stadium, which has such a special place in my heart.  In between innings the announcer said to post your Instagram photos with the hashtag Instamets.  I told hubs to take the picture and I posted it just like the announcer said.  Nothing happened.  By the 8th inning we were ready to leave our seats and walk around the stadium and hangout.  All of a sudden, I see my huge face on the jumbotron!!  I squealed like a little school girl and started laughing.  I wish it was up long enough for me to take a picture of it, but it wasn’t.  Maybe for the next game.  Although the Mets lost, seeing my face on the huge jumbotron for everyone to see was the highlight of my day.

Have a good weekend!!

P.S. I should probably state that I was not approached or compensated by Instagram.  This is just a reason for me to take more pictures as I live life.  “Be in the moment.”


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