A Little Too Much Bling For My Liking

So I have an issue with my jewelry.  I don’t have a ton of stuff, but what I do have, I don’t wear.  Why you ask?  Well I have most of my jewelry in a chest, some hanging on a stand, and some in a drawer in my dresser.  I love to wear my earrings, but it’s such a pain to put it back in my jewelry chest that I end up just leaving it on my dresser, creating a big mess.  Nothing is easily accessible.  Once I actually get around to putting it all away, it’s more of a hassle to keep up with it so I end up not wearing anything at all.  

This is usually how the top of my dresser looks.  Dust and all. #toolazytoclean
Sorry for the terrible before pic.  Still trying to figure out how to take better pics with my camera.
Enough is enough.  I vowed to have an organizing system that works for me.  I do have something in mind, but it will take a little while for me to gather my materials and make it.  For right now, I’m creating a temporary solution. 
First things first.  I took EVERYTHING out on top of my bed and separated what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of.  After a little back and forth, negotiating, and deal making with myself, I was left with this group to keep.


This is my get rid of pile.  And by get rid of, I mean yard sale or donate.


Once I determined what I was keeping, the next step was to categorize and put like items together.  Next was to put everything back, using as little storage stuff as possible.  

I’ve got two Malm 6 drawer chests (one for me and one for hubs).  I also have another Malm 6 drawer chest, but with the mirrored top, that sits in between the two.  The colors below aren’t the same, but in really life it’s closer to the mirrored top chest.  The mirrored top opens up to hold anything from jewelry to lingerie to t shirts.  The top two drawers are also really thin so it’s hard to store clothing in.  I decided that I only wanted to use the mirrored top and the first drawer.  The second drawer I use for storing sunglasses and other miscellaneous items.

Mission accomplished.

I used a ring holder plate that I got from my shower for my wedding ring and some bracelets.

I bought a ceramic egg crate from Marshall’s to hold my earrings, my favorite owl ring, and other little things.

I had a jewelry tray I also bought from Marshall’s a while ago that I use for some other bracelets, etc.

All of my necklaces went to the top tray from my dresser.  I never used it, so I figured I should put it to use.  It has a great mirror too.  I actually don’t know why I never used it.

Now, my dresser top is clutter free.  That’s Hubs’s catch-all tray. The mirror is now in the bathroom and the candles were moved into storage.

photo bomb!

All of my leftover jewelry holders I end up putting in my yard sale box.  Oh and all of the jewelry I got rid of is now in a pencil box.

Like I said before, this is a temporary solution.  If it was permanent I would have lined the top drawer with pretty paper.  The top of the dresser actually looks a little too bare for me so I’ve got something in the works that will hopefully make it look much prettier.  I just have to get a few more materials to finish it.  And actually put it all together.  I’m also kinda over the dark brown color of the dresser.  But that’s a whole other project for another day.  By another day, I mean in a few years (because I’m afraid of committing to something like that right now).

Who else is organizing jewelry?  Getting rid of anything?  Of course not, I’m the only girl I know that actually wants to get rid of her precious gems .

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