My Most Loyal Piece of Furniture

So I’ve had this TV stand for YEARS.  I bought it from Walmart 7 years ago when I bought a new TV and it was too heavy for the rinky dinky cart I originally had for my old TV.  I can confidently say I got my money’s worth for this TV stand.  It came with me for 5 different moves (within a 3 year span).  The most loyal piece of furniture I have.

{Here is where I’m supposed to put the pic of the TV stand before I started organizing it…bad blogger!}

Since we are moving (again), I want to maximize the space that I’m moving to.  That means this TV stand has got to go.  By that I mean it’s going to storage.  I’m not ready to get rid of it just yet.  

The inside of the little cabinet is one hot mess.  Things are just thrown in there, there’s no organization system going on, I see wires and games and leftover gifts that I have no home for.  I hate opening it because it actually gives me anxiety.

See what I mean?  It has to get emptied out so it can go to storage soon.  I start off like I do with any organizing project.  Take everything out and give the cabinet a good wipe down.

Then I separated all of my stuff into categories:  gifts, games, electronics, CD’s and DVDs.




From these categories I separated what was going to the yard sale box, what was staying, and what was going into storage.

After all was said and done, mostly everything went to yard sale.  Especially all the gifts.  I never had a need for them so it was never opened.  It’s still in great condition.  What was left were the CD’s and a few DVDs that hubs will kill me for if I put them out for yard sale.  The DVDs went with the other DVDs in my book shelf.  What’s left are the electronics and CD’s.  Electronics consisted of a leftover router and a bunch of wires from the pic above.  I’ll show you again so you won’t have to scroll up.

These wires were the start of wanting to organize the TV stand to begin with.  I’ve got a plan for how I want to organize them.  

So now the TV stand looks like this.

The wires were just thrown into the basket.  The orange box is empty, waiting for my plan.  A lot better than the before huh? Wait, let me remind you what the before was:

My anxiety level has definitely gone down from this little project.  It only took about half hour or so.

Things are starting to empty out at least in the living room and I’m actually really liking not having so much “stuff” to organize and find homes for.  I’m thinking living simply is the way to go.  Heck, I bet it can even save me a ton of money too.  

One more thing to cross of my To Do List:

Living Room
* take down decor items (frames, arts, owls, etc)
* pack decor items for storage
* go through items in TV cabinet (trash, keep, yard sale)
* purchase this item for new TV stand 
* go through DVDs and CD’s and organize and condense (I found my inspiration here, but originally from here)
* not decided yet whether to store our board games or bring with us
* use tall bookcase as possible new linen closet?
* buy bins for possible new linen closet?

I love crossing off things from my To Do List.  Don’t you?  Whose got a piece of furniture they’ve had for years?

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