Wrangling Wires

If you remember from last week, I organized my TV stand.  What was left were those pesky wires.
The wires were really bugging me.  That’s how this little organizing project started.  

I had them coiled up in this basket, but I wasn’t thrilled with it.  I’ve seen all over Pinterest how toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes were used to store and organize wires.



I wanted to do the same thing for 2 reasons: 1. I obviously had to organize these wires somehow. 2. It’s what I had on hand = FREE!  Gotta love free organizing projects.  I already had leftover tubes from school for Earth Day projects and I had a few at home in the recycling bin.  

Once I had all the tubes I needed, I just used some pretty scrapbook paper (also free) from my stash and tape to cover up the tubes.  

Now they look so pretty.  I purposely chose these papers because they coordinated without being too monotonous.  

Then I just put them all in a storage box that I had leftover from emptying things in the spare room.  

Nice and organized for the time being.  I wanted to label them but the batteries went on my label maker and I was too lazy to look for new ones.  This is a temporary solution until I get the dresser I want.  I don’t think the storage box will fit in the drawers, but we’ll see.  In the meantime it fits perfectly on the bottom shelf of the TV stand.

In the cabinet I now have a basket of the CD’s that were in there originally until I figure out a way to organize them properly.  I’ve got other CD’s in random places so I have to think of a better solution for those.  That’s another day. 

A free organizing project.  Gotta love free right?  This took about as long as an episode of The King of Queens.  The pole dancing episode.  Enough said.


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