The Storage Unit Saga Continues…

I feel like this project has been never ending.  And I’m still not done.  Last I left off was this:

Slowly but surely it’s getting there.  The next step was to keep purchasing the shelving units so I can start packing and storing.  For two weeks I’ve been going back to Target to try to buy one.  Every time I’m there, they don’t have the chrome shelving unit, only black.  At first my OCD was telling me that it’s not good enough and all the shelving units have to look the same.  After two weeks though, my rational side told my OCD side that it’s good enough and we would have to deal.  Maybe I can get two black and two chrome.  That would make my OCD feel better.

Anywho, I bought the black unit.  I originally also wanted to use the tall book shelf that’s been sitting in the back corner of the storage unit as additional storage.  

After taking a closer look and weighing my options, I decided that it’s neither strong nor wide enough to properly hold all my boxes and bins.   So down it went.  My MIL wanted the boards.  Something about her attic space, I don’t really know.  So I carefully took it apart and loaded it into my trunk.

The next step was to build the new shelving unit.  I’m a pro at this now, so it only took me about a half hour or so to put it together.

Once all that was said and done, I loaded up the shelving unit with some bins for long term storage and empty boxes for future storage/moving.

Two down, two more to go.  This whole building shelving units and rearranging my storage unit is definitely not good for my manicure. You’d think hubs would offer to help, but he hasn’t.  Better off though.  He wont do things how I like it and my OCD would have to start a fight about it.

I still have to buy two more shelving units and then I can really start storing items.  Especially the kitchen stuff.  I’m a little nervous about some pieces of furniture that has to come in here, but we’ll see how it turns out.

Does anyone else have a never-ending project going on?  Or whose doing some hard labor and messing up their manicures? 


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