Put A Knob In It

So if you saw from my Instagram Friday post from a few weeks back, I was at IKEA picking up the dressers I needed for the living room and spare room.  I couldn’t wait to put it together and show you exactly what I put in it.


Right now, it’s unfinished, But I am inspired!

I bought white glaze from IKEA, but I’m thinking of doing a complete hack.  You’ve seen IKEA hacks before, right?  I’ve got a whole Pinterest board of them.

Anywho, I know I definitely want to stain the top of the dresser a rich dark walnut.  The rest, I’m not sure if I should just do a white glaze, beadboard, or board and batten.  Or a combination of all three?!?  Since I’m not 100% decided, I’m leaving it bare for now.

What I can do is work on the knobs.

Originally, I wanted high gloss fun color knobs.  I thought craft paint and modge podge could create that look for a lot less.  FAIL.

Here is where I am supposed to put a picture of my failed attempt at high gloss knobs, but somehow it deleted from my camera.  You know, the camera fairies did it.

It’s ok, but I wasn’t in love.  Then I saw my inspiration pic and decided to try Oil Rubbed Bronze.

A few sprays later, here’s how it looks.

So much better!  With the look I’m going for, this was definitely the better choice.  All I had to do was attach them back to the dresser, and voila!  Pretty knobs!

Even though the dresser is still bare, I love these knobs.  We’ve been living knob-less for a whole week.  It wasn’t the worst thing to live with, but it’s definitely easier to open.

Oh, and remember the TV stand I organized a while back?  I thought I could put it in my storage unit as is, but that wasn’t happening.  So now, it looks like this:

I carefully took it apart and kept all the pieces together.  It will definitely be a lot easier to store with it taken apart.

Anyone planning any IKEA Hacks?


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