Never Forget

I was away at college in Pennsylvania when the attacks happened.  I was in complete shock when my roommate told me to turn on the TV.  I was scared for my dad, who at the time, worked down the block from the Empire State Building.  There was the fear that major landmarks in NYC were being targeted.  I was having a hard time reaching him and I finally heard his voice.  He had to do some business in NJ and didn’t get to the city yet.  Relief.

Not so much to a few of my friends who were firefighters, police officers, employees in the buildings.  They didn’t feel the relief I did when I heard my father’s voice.  They felt heart broken, confused, hurt, angry.  Not everyone was as lucky as my father or others who were within close proximity and got out safe.  My heart breaks for them.  I cry and pray for them.

There are no words.


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