Time To Get Crafty Up In Here

So I’ve had this post as a draft since before we moved and when I finally came back to finish it, I had to rewrite most of it.  Anywho, back when I was trying to organize and pack, I decided I should probably organize my craft drawers.  Just so I know what I get to keep and what should go to storage.  And you know what?!? I was able to keep everything!  With the right storage solutions and little bit of problem solving, I organized all of my craft supplies to fit two drawers.

Warning, there will be an overload of pictures.  Let’s start with what I was working with:

This is the after:

I’ll start from left to right.  The box on the left has all of my cutting tools (scissors, fancy scissors, hole punches,etc) and my glues.  The majority of my glues are smaller tubes so I put them all in a pencil case to keep them corralled.  The middle box contains my paint brushes and foam brushes.  Michael’s had an AWESOME sale on foam brushes.  25 brushes for 50 cents!  So of course I bought two packs.  Finally, the box on the right is full of pencil cases of pens, markers, highlighters, colored pencils, pencils, Sharpie markers, etc.

The next drawer is my favorite drawer.  Can you guess why?

Let’s take a closer look.

Yes, those are my craft paints.  I lined them up upside down so I can see the colors I have.  Then I used a tension rod to keep them still, so they won’t fall over.  I think you can see it in the picture below.

Behind the paints I have my pile of scrapbook papers and other miscellaneous craft items (Modge Podge, crayons, embellishments).

So those are my craft drawers nicely organized.  I’m so happy I was able to fit everything.

So how do you organize your craft supplies?


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