What I Learned In My 20’s

So tomorrow is my 30th birthday.  I’m excited, but also…..something.  I can’t quite label this feeling I have about turning thirty.  A part of me is saying, “Eh, whatever…it’s just another number.  Nothing is different.”  Another part is saying, “Your life is going to change drastically during your 30’s and you won’t even know what hit you.”  That part scares me.  I’m OK with my life changing, what I’m not OK with is the unknown.  When will we have a baby?  Can I even have a baby?  When will we buy a house?  Where are we going to buy a house?  Do we still want to leave the tri-state area?  Will we change careers?  A lot of the unknown is out of my control.

What I can do, and what I’ve been doing, is reflecting on my 20’s.  I learned quite a bit.  Lots of ups and downs and lefts and rights.  I laughed a lot.  I also cried a lot.  Every life experience was a lesson learned.  Here are some of those lessons:

  • It’s more important to have few really really close friends who will do anything for you than a whole bunch of friends who won’t be there for you when times are tough.
  • When a relationship becomes an unhealthy emotional rollercoaster, it’s time to leave…ASAP
  • Stand up for yourself and do it with confidence
  • Super short hair is just as sexy as super long hair
  • It’s not that scary to travel by yourself
  • Don’t depend on people for something you can do yourself
  • A guy shouldn’t make you feel like you’re worth nothing
  • Be independent
  • Go away to college (2+ hours is away in my book)
  • You are as beautiful as how you feel
  • Take risks
  • Fall in love…again and again
  • Friends with benefits never work out…if you are not honest with each other
  • It’s OK to buy yourself a birthday and Christmas present
  • Don’t let people take advantage of you and use you as a doormat
  • Be selfish at the right place and time – not all the time
  • Do selfless acts out of the kindness of your heart – not to expect something in return
  • Gossiping isn’t nice
  • When someone is being bullied – stop it
  • Drinking away your sorrows is never the answer…never
  • Know when to be fun and care free and when to be serious and responsible

Whew…this took me a while to write.   Every time I wrote a lesson down, I remembered the situations and daydreamed back to them.  Some were difficult, some were funny.  Now that I fully know who I am and what I stand for, hopefully my 30’s will be smooth sailing.  Here’s to being 30.


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