Instagram Friday: I’ll Be On The Look Out

My mother in law has five cats.  Yes.  Five.  And an English Bulldog.  You’ve actually seen Meaty a lot on my Instagram.  What you don’t see too often are her cats.  I like cats, but I’m not necessarily a cat person.  Especially a five cat person.  I sometimes get allergies from them, they get their hair all over the place, etc.  But I love these cats.  Before moving in, they always hung out downstairs.  They even had a litter box down there.  Since we’ve moved in, they were nervous about the change so they don’t come down.  At all.  Which I’m happy about.  It’s too many cats in a small area.

The youngest cat though, has been a little curious about what’s been going on downstairs.

Isn’t she cute?!?  That’s Ollie.  You know how they say orange cats gets themselves into trouble?  Well she’s no different.  She’s been very curious lately and exploring our place.  She even got brave and laid on the bed with me while I watched TV.  If this becomes a frequent visit I’ll have to remember to take allergy medicine to I don’t have a sneezing attack.

Have a good weekend!

P.S. I should probably state that I was not approached or compensated by Instagram.  This is just a reason for me to take more pictures as I live life.  “Be in the moment.”


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