Office Nook Mood Board

I’ve got this nook in the living room that I want to turn into a mini office.  Right now I just had a piece of white melamine board cut to size and used legs from IKEA to make my desk and called it a day.  I also stuck my file cabinet in there too.  It does the job OK, but it doesn’t use the space to its full potential.

I’m keeping it real my friends.  This is how it is most of the time and it drives me crazy.  For one, there isn’t much functional storage.  Yes, I have a filing cabinet, but it’s full of papers that I could probably go through and get rid of what we don’t need.  The current legs are spaced too far in, and the melamine board is looking flimsy.  The wall shelf in the center isn’t sturdy enough so I’m afraid to load it up with books and accessories.  Pretty and functional it is not.

I brought it up with my mother in law (it is her house after all) and thankfully she said I could change things up.  I think I have an idea on which direction I want to go with, I just have to put it together.  I’m a visual person so I like to see ideas in place before I take the plunge.  I thought it would be fun to create a mood board to gather some ideas and inspiration.  I’m going for a rustic & natural feel to this nook.  Keep in mind this is my first mood board so I didn’t add a lot of details/accessories.  I just included the basic items I needed (i.e. desk, storage, color concept).

1.  Of course I need a desk.  This one is from here and it comes with a pretty price tag.  I will definitely have to DIY something to keep costs down.  I like the two tone look of this desk which is why I’m using it for inspiration.

2. I already have a nice sized frame that I use for a pin board.  It’s the same dark brown frame, but I love how the cork is covered with linen.

3. That paint swatch is called Spicy Mustard by Benjamin Moore.  I’m not sure if that’s the same color as the current walls, but it’s close enough.  I actually like the color it is right now so I’m not planning on painting it, just sprucing it up (see below).

4.  Although this is a rug from Joss & Main,  I have a stencil similar to this pattern which I plan on doing on the back wall.  I’m still undecided whether to do it in a shimmery gold, or use a high gloss glaze.  Either way, it will show a subtle interest to the wall.

5. Finally I want to go vertical with storage and this corbel shelf is what I had in mind.  Although my inspiration is a bit too rustic for the look I was going for, I still like the two tone look, which will go nicely with my desk.

Obviously I’ll add in some art, accessories, and storage items along the way.  That utensil caddy I’m using to hold my pens and papers has got to go.

So how do you like my first mood board?  Any tips to making it more inspiring?  I used Olioboard to create it and seem to get the hang of it.


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