Office Nook Makeover: Taking Care Of The Messy

Last I left off with my office nook is my mood board and the mess I’m working with.

Before I could get started, the first thing to do is tackle the mess.  So I cleared everything except my computer and printer.

Then I went through all of my papers and threw out expired coupons, old mail, and put my bills where they belong (that’s a whole other post).  I’ve been using a utensil caddy to hold all of my pens, pencils, and extra stuff.  In theory it’s a great idea, but it created too much visual clutter for me.  I just kept stuffing papers and things in it and it became over crowded.  Besides, the caddy is better used somewhere else.  I also didn’t have a system for my incoming mail and that just piled on top of my desk.

While walking through Target last week, I saw some of their Threshold items on clearance.  I couldn’t help it.  I picked up a little blue jar with a chalkboard label and a bread basket.  I paid $5 for both items, compared to around $14.  Score.

I condensed my pens and pencils and put them in the jar.  All of my incoming mail now goes inside the bread basket.

I can finally see my desk top again.  Now that it’s not as messy I can concentrate on creating my look with my mood board.  I’m excited to get started!


3 thoughts on “Office Nook Makeover: Taking Care Of The Messy

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