What Do You Do With A $1 Tape Measure?

Confession: A new Target opened up in my area and I’ve been there at least three times last week.  Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe my love for Target.  Especially their Threshold line of products, which is evident after cleaning up the messy that was my desk.

Anywho, while walking through the dollar section, I saw a measuring tape key chain.  I thought what a great thing to have in case you have to measure something in a pinch.  Then the wheels started turning.  Why not create a small travel pouch with measuring necessities when out shopping?!?  Keep everything already packed and just grab and go when you go out searching for the perfectly sized basket.  Duh.

So I bought a bunch of those tape measures (One for my travels, one for my desk, and one for my mother in law).  I searched around my apartment for what I had on hand – a small makeup case, small notebook, calculator, small pencil from IKEA and their paper tape measure as well.  Can never have enough of those.

I guess I could fold up pictures of my inspiration, but that’s what Pinterest is for right?  I can also use my phone to take pictures of items I’m not sure about.  Sometimes I take pictures of items then bring it back home and hold up my phone to their possible location and try to picture it there.

My makeup case was the perfect size to hold everything in it with plenty of room left over.  I even have little dividers to organize my things even more.  Maybe a small wallet and my keys and phone if I don’t want to carry my big bag.

Great, huh?  Am I the only one who hasn’t thought of this yet?  It’s like a light bulb went off and I feel silly for not thinking of this sooner.


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