Instagram Friday: Another Double Feature!!

Happy Friday!!  You guys are in for a real treat because today is another double feature!! Remember my last double feature?  I spent a nice Saturday flea marketing and at IKEA.  This one is just as eventful.

Last weekend I spent a BEAUTIFUL Saturday up in Bear Mountain for Oktoberfest.  The best part is how we arrived there.  We drove to the Staten Island Ferry, took the ferry into Manhattan, walked to a pier near South Street Seaport, and took another ferry up the Hudson River to Bear Mountain.  Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe that ferry ride.  The first picture is the billboard on the pier and the second picture is waiting to board the boat again to go home.  With a view like that, I didn’t want to go home!

Have a good weekend!

P.S. I should probably state that I was not approached or compensated by Instagram.  This is just a reason for me to take more pictures as I live life.  “Be in the moment.”


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