I Love Gold!!!

Name that movie.  OK here’s a hint.  I share the same exact feelings after I finished stenciling the back wall of my office nook.

Before I could actually get started on the stenciling part, I had to prep the walls.  That meant spackling the wall followed by touch up paint.

Then I used Martha Stewart’s Metallic Gold craft paint and a stencil, both from Michaels.  I had them on hand already but you can get both for under $20.  Much less with a coupon.

This is where I share in progress shots, but I was so eager to get it finished that I didn’t stop to take pictures.  Nor do I have a tutorial on how to stencil a wall.  I just eye balled it and taped the stencil to the wall with painters tape.  One thing to note is that I started from the bottom so I can get a few practice stenciling in before I get to the exposed wall area.  I’ll just let the pictures do all the talking.

The spacing isn’t just right, but I like the imperfect look of it.  There was also some bleed through, but that’s ok too.  I’m going for a organic and natural look so the imperfections makes it stand out better in my opinion.  I also couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the overhead light glare, but it shows how the paint shimmers, so I left it.

For my first time stenciling a wall, I think I did ok.  I can tell you this place looks 1000 times better than how I started just two weeks ago.

1 more thing to check off the Office Nook checklist.

  • clean up the mess
  • take down all old shelves
  • patch holes and touch up paint
  • stencil wall
  • look for desk bases with storage
  • empty old file cabinet and organize paperwork
  • make a desk top
  • wall shelves
  • remake cork board
  • art and accessories
  • final reveal!!

I still have lots to do, but I’m really excited to get it done.

To read how I got to this point, check out my mood board and how I cleaned up the mess.


2 thoughts on “I Love Gold!!!

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