A Cork Board Redo

Spoiler Alert:  I found desk bases!  I have to put a couple of finishing touches and take some more pics, but I’ll show you guys next week.

In the meantime, I figured I would get started on some accessories.  Mainly my cork board.  When I first purchased this frame about 5 years ago, I had a poster in it that hung in my kitchen.  I was over the poster, but I loved the frame so I took the poster out and put a piece of cork in its place.  Obviously I took the glass out so I could actually pin stuff to my board.  That’s how it sat for a few years.

It does the job well, but with the frame against the wall, the cork sort of blends into it.  I wanted something to pop a bit without taking away from the stencil, since we all know the stencil on the wall is the star of the show.

I used fabric that I had left over from another project, cut it to size and used spray adhesive to attach it to the cork.  If you’re worried about making it permanent, you can always just wrap the fabric around the cork and secure the frame to it.  I just know that the back of my frame is a bit difficult to work with so I made it more permanent.  I could also just go to Michael’s and pick up another roll of cork.

Once the fabric was attached to the cork, I just put the cork in the frame and secured it.  Then I just turned my frame around and checked to see if everything came out even and hung it back up on the wall.

I may add a little something else to make it pretty, but we’ll see.  It definitely looks better than the plain cork showing.  What’s even better is that this project cost me nothing!  I already had everything I needed, which was awesome.

We are getting closer and closer to finishing this space!  I think my biggest challenge will be the wall shelves.

  • clean up the mess
  • take down all old shelves
  • patch holes and touch up paint
  • stencil wall
  • look for desk bases with storage
  • empty old file cabinet and organize paperwork
  • make a desk top
  • wall shelves
  • remake cork board
  • art and accessories
  • final reveal and budget breakdown!!

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