The Office Nook Saga Continues…

Like I said when I showed you my new cork board, I found desk bases for the office nook.  It’s not ideal, but it has a right amount of storage I needed, and it was a cheaper option.  I also didn’t have the patience to look around a hunt places like Craigslist and Salvation Army.  Remember how it started out?

Then I organized and decluttered my desk top, stenciled the back wall, and redid my cork board.  Now it looks like this.

sorry for the terrible lighting here

The problem I was having with the current bases is that there wasn’t enough storage.  Yes I had a file cabinet, but it still wasn’t being used to its full potential.  Not to mention I have years and years of paperwork and files that I probably could get rid of. After weighing out all my options, I felt as though these two from IKEA were the best options for me.  They were affordable, and I could customize it if I wanted to.  I could have easily bought a whole desk, but I wanted the top to go wall to wall so it needed to be a very specific size.  And I wanted a two tone look. After admiring looking at it for a while, and getting advice from the hubs and my mother in law, I decided to keep the current white desk top for now.  It looks cohesive and I’m OK with the all white desk option.  Plus it will save me money and time building one.

I just realized while reading through before posting that there is a slight warp on the desk top that I have to fix.  I also added label plates to the drawer fronts.  I figured once everything is labeled it will stay organized and hubs will know where everything goes. I’m thinking of jumping on the washi tape bandwagon and use them to label the drawers.  I’m pretty excited to look at my options.  All that’s left is organizing the cabinet and drawers and finding wall shelves.  Then it’s just accessories, reveal and budget breakdown!! Yay!

  • clean up the mess
  • take down all old shelves
  • patch holes and touch up paint
  • stencil wall
  • look for desk bases with storage
  • empty old file cabinet and organize paperwork
  • make a desk top last minute decision to keep current desk top
  • wall shelves
  • remake cork board
  • art and accessories
  • final reveal and budget breakdown!!

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