DIY No Sew Owl Costume

This is my first tutorial so bear with me.  I’m going to try to explain how I made my costume as easy as possible.  I may be missing some pictures for some steps, but I was anxious to just finish it before Halloween so I didn’t think to stop to take pictures.

One thing to note is I started making this costume last year.  As in, this was going to be my costume Halloween 2012, but Hurricane Sandy hit the area so things were put on hold.  First thing I did was purchase a T-shirt dress.  I bought mine for about $8 after the summer season.

I also purchased about 1 yard of 8 different kinds of fabric – brown pleather, ivory, dark brown and light brown corduroy, blue denim, and gray, green, ivory microfiber.  I also purchased half a yard of white furry fabric (don’t really remember what it’s called, but it was furry and soft) for the center of my costume and 2 yards of brown fleece for my cape, which I will get to later in the post.

I then went online and searched for an owl feather template.  I found one that I liked and printed it out on card stock paper.  With the template, I traced it onto the back of the fabric and cut it out.  1 yard of 8 kinds of fabric = lots of tedious tracing and cutting.  That alone took up a huge chunk of time.

I also cut out an oval of the soft furry fabric for the center of my dress.  There wasn’t a template so I eyeballed it.  I then placed the soft center in the middle of my dress and pinned it in place.  From there, I lined up the feathers in an arrangement I liked, overlapped the ends a little, and used tacky glue on the back to secure it to the dress (tip: place a piece of poster board or cardboard inside of the dress to prevent it from sticking to the back of the dress).  I didn’t follow a pattern, I just eyeballed it and made an arrangement that I was happy with.  I was also careful to spread out the colors so they are evenly spaced out but random at the same time.  After I glued each arrangement, I let it dry for a few minutes before continuing with the next arrangement.

I started from the bottom and worked my way up.  When I got to the furry center, I glued down the feathers, then glued down the center over them to avoid cutting.  At the top, I layered the feathers over the furry center.  When I finished the front, I continued with the back.  Arrange, glue, let dry, repeat.  Then I did the sides and sleeves.

For the cape, I followed this child’s cape template from Martha Stewart, traced it on the fleece, and cut it out.  Then I did the same thing with the dress.  Arrange, glue, let dry, repeat.  At this point I was determined to get it finished so I didn’t take pictures.  It’s pretty much the same arrangement as the dress.  I then cut small holes on each side of the cape and tied brown ribbon to it so I had a way to secure the cape.

That’s it!  I hope this tutorial was easy to follow.  If you have any questions, just let me know.  It’s easy, just really time consuming.


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