Instagram Friday: The Most Magical Place On Earth

I’m excited about this week’s Instagram Friday.  It’s a sneak peek as to what I will be doing this weekend.


As you are reading this, I am currently sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight.  Where am I going?  Disney!!!!!  I haven’t been there since I was in first grade.  First grade!!  I’m soooo excited!!!

One of my boys goes with his family a bunch of times a year, and this time around, they asked if I can join them since dad will be busy at a softball tournament.  My response?  “Um, heck yea!!”  Then I asked my hubby {not that I needed permission, but you know…I thought it would be nice to let him know my plans}.

I will make sure to take tons of pictures and do a recap.  What I ate, rides, etc.  I also plan on doing a “What I Packed For A Weekend At Disney” post.  I was looking through Pinterest, and there wasn’t much.  Lots of extended stay stuff, but not a weekend.  Especially during this time of year.

Anyone have any recommendations for rides, restaurants, shops, etc.?  I don’t remember much from the last time I went, but I’m sure everything is different now.

Have a good weekend everyone!!


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