Weekend At Disney: What Was In My Suitcase

AHH – sorry about the late post.  Life took over – in the form of a pulled back.  Not fun.

If you remember from my Instagram Friday a couple of weeks ago, I promised a post about what I packed for a weekend at Disney.  I’m actually going to do a 4 part series about my weekend at Disney: What I Packed, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and The Hotel.  Not necessarily in that order.  So first up, what was in my suitcase?

packing title

This was my packing list:

  • one pair of jeans (that’s it – just ONE)
  • one comfy but cut sweatshirt
  • two quarter sleeve shirts
  • two sleeveless shirts
  • one short sleeve shirt
  • undies, socks, bra
  • jammies
  • one pair of sneakers
  • toiletry bag
  • electronics bag
  • cosmetic bag
  • hair essentials pouch
  • bathing suit, cover up, flip flops
  • cross body bag

During my flight, I wore pair of jeans, short sleeve t shirt, sneakers, and comfy cardigan.

The main thing I did was take into account the weather down there.  Fortunately, the weather that weekend was mostly sunny in the low 70s, with one day in the 50s.  Layers and comfort was the name of the game.  I know some people aren’t, but I’m really comfortable in jeans.  Sometimes I prefer it over leggings (crazy town right girls?)  So I only packed one – JUST ONE – pair of jeans.  The other I wore during my flight.  That’s a total of two pairs of jeans.  That was all I needed for the weekend.

I made sure all of my tops go with the jeans.  I don’t know about you, but I like options.  So I packed two sets of the same type of top (quarter length shirt, sleeveless shirt, and if you count the t-shirt I flew down in, that too) and a comfy sweatshirt if I felt it was extra chilly.  I also wore my comfy cardigan as an extra layer if I wasn’t sure I was going to be comfortable or cold.  I tend to run on the chilly side, so I like to dress in layers so I can take off or put on clothes whenever I needed to.


I wasn’t sure if we were going to spend any time in the pool, but I brought it down just in case.  I just rolled my bathing suit with the cover up so it stays together and I wouldn’t have to scramble to find it.  I did the same thing with my jammies.  I rolled the shirt and fuzzy socks with the pants so everything stayed together.

I picked up the greatest tip from Pinterest.  Every time I’m in a hotel room, I always take home the disposable shower cap.  Not to use for my hair, but for my shoes.  Say what?!?


My toiletries bag held exactly that – my toiletries.  At one point I had a bunch of smaller toiletry bags and put everything in them, but I got fed up with the multiple bags.  Instead, I bought a bigger one and everything fit – all categorized.  My electronics bag held my camera, cell phone, and I pod chargers, and the plug for my computer.  Everything in one small pouch.  My hair essentials included a round brush, wide tooth comb, and travel hair straightener.  Since my hair is short, I figured I would use the hotel hair dryer.  Finally my cosmetic bag.  Just my everyday makeup.  Nothing special.


A few things to note: Aside from my wedding band and stud earrings, I did not pack any jewelry.  I was nervous that it would get lost or anything like that.  I usually travel with a large bag (to hold my wallet, magazines, computer, etc.), but for the park, I packed a cross body bag with a smaller wallet so it would be easier to handle.

Also keep in mind that I did not travel with children.  It was just one adult traveling to Disney for the weekend.  Completely different packing list for a family of four, for example.

Hopefully this was helpful to those who are traveling down to Disney for the weekend.  Did I forget anything? Anyone been there recently?  Did you pack your entire house and only use half of the stuff?  My sister-in-law tends to do that.

P.S. sorry about the pics.  My bedroom has zero natural light so I’m only working with two side table lamps.


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