Valentine’s Day Wreaths

I love Valentine’s Day.  It’s an excuse to use my favorite color when decorating our apartment: pink.  Usually I have seasonal wreaths, but this time I’m thinking of creating a Valentine’s Day wreath.  I’ve been stalking Pinterest for some inspiration and here are some of my favorites:


I love Katie Bower’s fabric flower wreath.  She has a great tutorial on making these flowers, which I will be using for another project I have.


I love that this wreath isn’t the in the traditional Valentine’s Day colors.  I am also IN. LOVE. with the pearl centers.  Definitely a doable for my wreath.


I really love this argyle inspired wreath.  I am also loving the two tone felt flowers.


I am IN. LOVE. with the texture in this wreath.  The combination of rustic and sweetness that this wreath brings out is just pure awesomeness.


There wasn’t a link to this last wreath, but I love that it is wrapped in burlap.  The flowers are adorable as well.

So there you have it.  My inspiration for my wreath.  Hopefully I can get started soon.  I’m planning on doing a combination of most of them.  Felt flowers, wreath wrapped in burlap, crisscross yarn.  It should come out pretty easily.  Anyone else making a Valentine’s wreath?  Maybe just a winter wreath?  Whose over all these snow storms in the north east?  I know I am.

wreath inspiration


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