Where Has The Time Gone?

Well, that sure was an unexpected hiatus.  I don’t even know what really happened.  All of a sudden, BAM! It’s been three (seriously 3?!?) weeks since I last posted anything.  Although I’m shocked at my absence, I felt it was needed.  I’m a firm believer in living my life before writing, so if I take a break, whatevs.  I just hope I didn’t lose my readers in the process.

So I’ll share a recap of what’s been happening here at Lauria Land for the last three weeks.  First, my brother in law TJ flew in from Bahrain with his girlfriend Ashley.  They are both in the Navy and we haven’t seen my brother in law in over a year.  It was our first time meeting Ashley and let me tell you, she fit right in.  The Lauria’s are a rare breed.  I know, I married into the family, but still.  We had to warn my father in law especially to tone down his jokes.  Honestly though, he didn’t have to.  Ashley held her own and was able to take the jokes and just as quickly dish them out.  We absolutely adored her.


They spend two weeks here, and two weeks with her family in Tennessee.  She’s never bee to NYC so TJ wanted to show her around.  Unfortunately we had some really nasty weather those two weeks so they were only able to go into the city a couple of times.  They were mostly hanging around and cuddling with Meaty, who was so excited to see TJ again.


In other exciting news about them, when they left to Tennessee, TJ proposed!! It wasn’t a surprise to us, because that route was inevitable, but the timing was a surprise.  Either way, we are thrilled and can’t wait for her to be an official Lauria and join this crazy family.  We were sad to see them go, but happy that they are doing well.


And just yesterday, 5 days after the engagement, we get this news:


Yes, they got married!!! I’m a little bummed that we weren’t there to celebrate with them, but we are so happy.  I’m especially happy that I have another sister 🙂

Last week was my mid-winter break from school, and boy did I need it.  Hubs set up two nights away to Atlantic City, which was really fun.  Our first night we ran into my girlfriend Katie so we spent the night enjoying some drinks and lots of laughs.  Lots of laughs.


Our second day we went a little bar hopping to check out happy hour and have some fun in a photo booth.



That night we hit up a comedy club.  We usually go to the same comedy club at Tropicana.  Its always a good time there, but this night was different.


See what I mean?  It’s usually FULL of people and club goers.  I’ve never seen it this empty, so we enjoyed it for a little while.


The following day I went into the city with my mother in law and sister and law to watch the show Wicked.  Although it was a gloomy, rainy day and we took public transportation (two trains and a ferry) to get there, we had a great time.  We got there early so we headed over to a great Irish Pub across the street and had a great lunch.


The show was amazing!! I never really knew the story about the witches of OZ.  I also learned the story  behind The Lion, The Tin Man, and The Scarecrow.  I loved the story, the singing, the acting, the humor.  It was the first Broadway show I’ve been too, and it did not disappoint.  The theater itself was absolutely beautiful.


So that’s what’s been happening here at Lauria Land.  I’ve got a bridal shower this weekend so I’ll be sharing my gift as well as a how to.


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