Bridal Shower Gift Basket

I’ve got a bridal shower this weekend and I wanted to share the gift basket I made for my girlfriend Katie.


She didn’t have much on her registry so I had to get creative with the basket.   She had the wine glasses on her list, but I also included the champagne glasses.  From there I created a romantic bedroom basket.


We can’t forget the champagne and wine to go with the glasses.


I also grabbed a soft throw, candles, candle sticks, and a nightie from Marshall’s.


I always like to create something special for occasions like this so I made a monogrammed pillow with flower rosettes.


Then it was all about putting it all together in a basket I had on hand.  I just eye ball it, move things around until I see an arrangement I like.



Hopefully she loves it.  I really enjoyed making the rosettes and putting the pillow together so I promise to share a tutorial.


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