DIY Monogrammed Rosette Pillow

As I mentioned in Friday’s post on my bridal shower gift basket, I made a monogrammed rosette pillow for my girlfriend Katie.  Here is the bride to be, right after her surprise.


The pillow was actually pretty easy to make.  Confession: I didn’t actually make the pillow, I just bought a solid colored pillow.  Since I didn’t really know what color scheme Katie was going for, I made the rosettes in pretty neutral colors.  So first I grabbed about 5 different fabrics from JoAnn’s.  About a quarter yard of each.  The tulle was the only one I purchased half a yard.  From each quarter yard, I cut 4 strips, about 2 inches wide.  Two of the strips I cut in half so I would have different sized rosettes.  All together I had about 6 strips of each fabric.


To actually make the rosettes, I used a combination of this tutorial  and this tutorial.  Here are a couple of completed rosettes.


There isn’t a specific number of rosettes to make, I just made enough to cover my letter.  Next, I made a stencil of the letter I was using, in this case B.  On Word, I typed the letter B and chose the font I wanted to use.  I enlarged the font as big as it could fit the page and printed it on regular computer paper.  I cut it out and traced it on a piece of felt.  {this is where I include a picture of the traced monogram onto the felt, but I forgot to take a pic… bad blogger)

I then just covered the traced letter, eyeballing it, moving some rosettes around so the colors were even distributed and the sizes fit.  It’s basically like doing a puzzle, finding the right pieces to fit.  Once I was happy with my arrangement, I made things permanent with a hot glue gun.


Before attaching the monogram to the pillow, I cut off the excess felt as close to the rosettes as possible.


Finally, I centered the monogram onto the pillow and used tacky glue to adhere it to the pillow.  You could also run a stitch if you feel the glue won’t stay.  You’re done!


My options were limited when it comes to styling, so I just put it on the bench in the kitchen to take a few pictures.




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