Wedding Week: First Anniversary Gifts {Paper}

This weekend is hubs and I’s first wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, I thought I would write a few wedding related posts for you.  You know, share some details and DIY projects.  I’m kicking off the week with anniversary gifts.  The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, and the modern first anniversary gift is clocks.  Clocks are pretty self explanatory, so I’m going to share some of my favorite paper gifts.


Art prints

There are plenty of art prints you can gift to your honey.  Wedding bouquet, first dance, first home, etc.  I’ve been eyeing this gift for quite some time.  I even emailed it to Hubs with pictures to send to the seller so it would be really easy for him.  Hubs is the type of guy where you literally have to tell him or show him exactly what you want or else he gets flustered.  So I just show him what I want, I’m happy, we win. 🙂


Tickets is an easy go to gift for Hubs.  Baseball games, football games, concerts, comedy shows, he loves them all.  For our first anniversary I gifted him with tickets to the Mets opening game.  You can even get plane tickets to a favorite destination {think second honeymoon}.


Although I love reading from my Kindle, sometimes I just want to read from an actual book.  Hubs is a writer, so I sometimes gift him with journals and notebooks for Christmas or birthdays.


I love receiving a hand written note.  Brings me back to the days before technology controlled our lives.  A little note sends the message that you are actually thinking about the person, even if it’s just a thank you note.

Other Gift Ideas

Photo books, personalized calendar, magazine subscription, poster, scratch off tickets, home made coupons.  These are all great options for gifts for your first anniversary.

I’m excited to share some other details of our wedding with you guys this week.  I don’t have a specific plan, just whatever comes to mind.  You know, DIY projects, paper details, flowers, attire, etc.  Yay!

Note: These are not affiliate links, just ideas and products that I love.


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