DIY Monogrammed Rosette Pillow

As I mentioned in Friday’s post on my bridal shower gift basket, I made a monogrammed rosette pillow for my girlfriend Katie.  Here is the bride to be, right after her surprise.


The pillow was actually pretty easy to make.  Confession: I didn’t actually make the pillow, I just bought a solid colored pillow.  Since I didn’t really know what color scheme Katie was going for, I made the rosettes in pretty neutral colors.  So first I grabbed about 5 different fabrics from JoAnn’s.  About a quarter yard of each.  The tulle was the only one I purchased half a yard.  From each quarter yard, I cut 4 strips, about 2 inches wide.  Two of the strips I cut in half so I would have different sized rosettes.  All together I had about 6 strips of each fabric.


To actually make the rosettes, I used a combination of this tutorial  and this tutorial.  Here are a couple of completed rosettes.


There isn’t a specific number of rosettes to make, I just made enough to cover my letter.  Next, I made a stencil of the letter I was using, in this case B.  On Word, I typed the letter B and chose the font I wanted to use.  I enlarged the font as big as it could fit the page and printed it on regular computer paper.  I cut it out and traced it on a piece of felt.  {this is where I include a picture of the traced monogram onto the felt, but I forgot to take a pic… bad blogger)

I then just covered the traced letter, eyeballing it, moving some rosettes around so the colors were even distributed and the sizes fit.  It’s basically like doing a puzzle, finding the right pieces to fit.  Once I was happy with my arrangement, I made things permanent with a hot glue gun.


Before attaching the monogram to the pillow, I cut off the excess felt as close to the rosettes as possible.


Finally, I centered the monogram onto the pillow and used tacky glue to adhere it to the pillow.  You could also run a stitch if you feel the glue won’t stay.  You’re done!


My options were limited when it comes to styling, so I just put it on the bench in the kitchen to take a few pictures.




Valentine’s Day Wreaths

I love Valentine’s Day.  It’s an excuse to use my favorite color when decorating our apartment: pink.  Usually I have seasonal wreaths, but this time I’m thinking of creating a Valentine’s Day wreath.  I’ve been stalking Pinterest for some inspiration and here are some of my favorites:


I love Katie Bower’s fabric flower wreath.  She has a great tutorial on making these flowers, which I will be using for another project I have.


I love that this wreath isn’t the in the traditional Valentine’s Day colors.  I am also IN. LOVE. with the pearl centers.  Definitely a doable for my wreath.


I really love this argyle inspired wreath.  I am also loving the two tone felt flowers.


I am IN. LOVE. with the texture in this wreath.  The combination of rustic and sweetness that this wreath brings out is just pure awesomeness.


There wasn’t a link to this last wreath, but I love that it is wrapped in burlap.  The flowers are adorable as well.

So there you have it.  My inspiration for my wreath.  Hopefully I can get started soon.  I’m planning on doing a combination of most of them.  Felt flowers, wreath wrapped in burlap, crisscross yarn.  It should come out pretty easily.  Anyone else making a Valentine’s wreath?  Maybe just a winter wreath?  Whose over all these snow storms in the north east?  I know I am.

wreath inspiration

Come Sail Away With Me

I am invited to a baby shower.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it but I did prepare a gift basket.  What I tend to do is look at the registry and create something based on the theme of the crib set that mommy chose, this time being nautical.  Whales, sailboats, and anchors.  Below I’ll explain in greater detail my hand made gifts.  Get ready for super cuteness overload.


The basket is a laundry basket that I had and cleaned it out really good so mommy can use.  Inside is a puff quilt, some pillows, a crate with books and toys, and two outfits.

For the puff quilt I used this tutorial.  I was totally inspired from the shop owner’s blog and felt confident that I could do it myself.  I have to say, for my first time ever doing a quilt I think it came out really good.  With the left over fabric I made pillows that mommy could put on her chair during night time feedings.


This little crate was really fun to make.  Here are the materials I bought.


I bought a wooden crate, a yard of rope, and block letters.  Everything was purchased from Joann’s.  I don’t remember the exact number, but I definitely paid under $20 for everything.  Paint and stain I already had.  First I had my father in law drill two holes into the sides of the crate.


I painted the inside first with the lighter blue and once that was dry, I painted the outside in the dark blue.  Craft Smart brand in Pale Blue and Americana brand in Deep Midnight Blue in case anyone is interested.


excuse my computer in the background…

 While the crate was drying, I stained the top of the block letters in Dark Walnut.  I let that dry a couple of hours and painted the rest of the blocks.  I didn’t have the shade of yellow I wanted so I experimented with what I had on hand.  I ended up using Craft Smart brand in Mustard Yellow and Apple Barrel brand in Canary Yellow.


I let everything dry overnight and sprayed a poly finish to seal everything.  It’s not necessary, but it gives it a nice finish and makes it easy for mom to wipe it down.



To attach the blocks to the crate I just used wood glue.  Finally I cut the rope in half and knotted them through the holes on the crate to make handles on each side.  Tip: when cutting the rope, keep the ends together with a piece of tape so it doesn’t fray.



The fun part was filling it up with a few toys, books, and clothes.


Then I just put everything in the laundry basket.



I hope mommy loves everything as much as I loved making it.  Has anyone made any good gift baskets recently?  Or received one?  Lots of my friends area either getting married or having babies so I’m excited to create more gift baskets for them.

A Cork Board Redo

Spoiler Alert:  I found desk bases!  I have to put a couple of finishing touches and take some more pics, but I’ll show you guys next week.

In the meantime, I figured I would get started on some accessories.  Mainly my cork board.  When I first purchased this frame about 5 years ago, I had a poster in it that hung in my kitchen.  I was over the poster, but I loved the frame so I took the poster out and put a piece of cork in its place.  Obviously I took the glass out so I could actually pin stuff to my board.  That’s how it sat for a few years.

It does the job well, but with the frame against the wall, the cork sort of blends into it.  I wanted something to pop a bit without taking away from the stencil, since we all know the stencil on the wall is the star of the show.

I used fabric that I had left over from another project, cut it to size and used spray adhesive to attach it to the cork.  If you’re worried about making it permanent, you can always just wrap the fabric around the cork and secure the frame to it.  I just know that the back of my frame is a bit difficult to work with so I made it more permanent.  I could also just go to Michael’s and pick up another roll of cork.

Once the fabric was attached to the cork, I just put the cork in the frame and secured it.  Then I just turned my frame around and checked to see if everything came out even and hung it back up on the wall.

I may add a little something else to make it pretty, but we’ll see.  It definitely looks better than the plain cork showing.  What’s even better is that this project cost me nothing!  I already had everything I needed, which was awesome.

We are getting closer and closer to finishing this space!  I think my biggest challenge will be the wall shelves.

  • clean up the mess
  • take down all old shelves
  • patch holes and touch up paint
  • stencil wall
  • look for desk bases with storage
  • empty old file cabinet and organize paperwork
  • make a desk top
  • wall shelves
  • remake cork board
  • art and accessories
  • final reveal and budget breakdown!!