October Recap

Geez, October is finished?!?  I know I say it every time, but this month flew by!  Here’s a recap of what went down this past month…

I’ve been slowly transforming my office nook into something prettier and more functional for hubs and I.  So far, I’ve showed you the mess and my mood board, how I cleaned up the space, my love of gold, and new desk bases.

I also shared what I did with a $1 tape measure, a cork board redo, the costume that doesn’t end, and how I celebrated my Halloween.

My Instagram Fridays consisted of a day at the beach, another double feature, and my classroom’s not so scary jack o’ lantern.

November will be just as crazy as October.  I still have to figure out a wall shelf system for the office nook, some last minute organization, and the final reveal!  I also have some other projects waiting to share with you, including how I got 4 Pier 1 panel curtains for $15.

Hope everyone has a great month!


Good Bye September…

So I’m not sure what happened last week.  It just got the best of me.  On top of my laptop not working. It doesn’t want to turn on.  With all of my saved pictures of the posts I was planning on writing.  Yikes. I’ll figure something out.

In the meantime, I never did a recap of September happenings, so here it is.

Although I love to organize and craft, I was only able to organize my craft drawers and my desk at work was really bugging me.  Hopefully this month I can do a bit more.

I shared some personal thoughts, like my 9/11 story and what I learned in my 20s.  I also shared my back to school treat bags for my kiddos.
This Instagram Friday month was a nice mix of our puppy brother, a honeymoon pic to celebrate our 6 month anniversary, and our new look out help.
I’m not sure what’s up for me in October.  I’m in the process of organizing my small office nook, and I know I promised a tour of our place so that will be coming soon.  Hopefully my technical difficulties gets fixed soon.

Is August Really Over??

Where did the month go?!?  I feel like August went by in a blur and now, I’m going back to school shopping.  Yes, as a teacher, I get back to school clothes πŸ™‚  I also get really excited when I see all the school supplies lined up at places like Target and Staples.  Is it just me?  #iloveschoolsupplies

Anywho, here’s what’s been going on here at Lauria Land…

My love of organization and crafting consisted of a storage unit update (full reveal soon!), where I put my gift wrap station, and a jewelry box face lift.

My life during August wasn’t much besides packing and more packing…and guess what? More packing.  I did share my last day of summer session at work and shared a last day of school gift for my kiddos.

My Instagram Fridays were a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  It all started with celebrating my father’s birthday.  I also shared how I cooled down from a hot July and what my apartment looked like while packing and moving.

Again, my posts were few and far in between.  I’m trying, I promise!  Oh, and a warning: my new apartment has almost zero natural light so pictures aren’t going to be that great.  We’ll see how it turns out.  September will be a pretty busy month for me: new school year, six months married!, me turning the big 3-0, and a wedding.  Hope everyone has a good month!

July In Review

Happy Friday!! I can’t believe it’s already August!!  I know Fridays I usually post one of my Instagram Pics, but I figured I could change things up a bit and give you a review of what happened here at Lauria Land.  I know I was absent this week, life sort of took over and before I knew it, it was Friday.  Anywho here’s what went down this past month…

My love of crafting and organizing this month consisted of putting knobs onto my new TV dresser, an introduction to my new storage unit, and making a super easy stud earring holder.

Life in late June and early July was extremely emotional and overwhelming.  The sudden death of my father just a few months after my wedding was tiring beyond belief.  Hubs and I tried to bring some normalcy back to my life by continuing our Virginia weekend getaway.

My Instagram Fridays related to what was going on with my life.  I absolutely loved my box of Godiva Truffles from some of my dearest friends.  I also really enjoyed the ferry ride on our was back from Virginia.

I know this month I didn’t post much, so for August my goal is to have a few more posts.  Trust me, I’ve got a lot more to share, just have to be more efficient with my time.  Any tips for that?  Have a good weekend!